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Gúna / Dress

The traditional Irish woman's dress, known as a Gúna (pronounced "goonah") is a well tailored garment consisting of elaborate pleating. It was worn over a simple linen Léine. The Gúna was made of wool and presumably could be of any colour but red or green were prefered.

There are written descriptions of this garment as well as one medieval example found in a bog. The written descriptions match the bog find, known as the Shinrone Gown. The dress is tight fitting in the bodice with a very low neckline which was designed for the purpose of showing part of the Léine underneath. It was closed by means of a leather or wool cord.

We know that the Gúna was worn with the Léine underneath as we have pictorial evidence plus the sleeves of the Gúna are of the same design as the male Ionar, the purpose being to let the sleeves of the Léine hang down.




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