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Ionar / Jacket

The Gaelic Ionar (pronounced "inner") is worn over the Léine and is usually made of stout wool. It is made very short compared to modern jackets. The sleeves are opened on the inside which is done to allow the sleeves of the Léine to hang free. The Ionar is often, though not always, elaboratedly decorated. The most common type of decoration consisted of contrasting coloured strips in a series of lines. Another common decoratative form contained flowers, vines and swirls. Some basic Celtic designs may also have been incorporated.

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Fabric: Heavy weight, medieval style boiled 100% wool with red linen lining.

Colour: Pink colour achieved by authentic dying process.

Decoration: Handwooven 100% wool trim of black, red and yellow strips. Medieval style cow bone button, leather sleeve ties.

Collar: Stand up style.

Pleating: Short size overlap pleating.

Size: Shoulder width – 7 inches. Chest – 40 inches. Sleeve length – 26 inches.

Price: €334.00+P&P